These days the term Alternative Medicine became very common around the globe, it focuses on the idea of using the plants for medicinal purpose. Medicinal plants frequently used as raw materials for extraction of active ingredients which used in the synthesis of different drugs. Like in case of laxatives, blood thinners, antibiotics and antimalarial medications, contain ingredients from plants. Medicinal plants have a promising future because there are about half million plants around the world, and most of them their medical activities have not investigate yet, and their medical activities could be decisive in the treatment of present or future studies.

MPDB v1.0 database is dedicated to provide the first window to find the claimed plants around Bangladesh with their scientific name, family name, local name, utilizing part, source of plant, ailment and available extraction procedure which have medicinal and nutritive values. The user or researcher may search any plant from this repository according to scientific name, family name, local name, locations and any key words from ailments. Thus, MPDB v1.0 is a very important point to encourage researchers and clinicians to work hard in order to clarify the main active ingredients and their role in the treatment of present diseases, and how they can be used to produce or synthesis more effective drugs.

This database contains 406 medicinal plants with their corresponding scientific, family and local names as well as utilized parts for treatment from different districts of Bangladesh. Information regarding ailments is available for 353 plants. In addition, we have found active compounds for 78 plants with their corresponding PubMed ID.